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Produced by: Alia Zefri | Presented by: Lee Chwi Lynn | Interviewee: Ng Miao Ling | MCMC were unsuccessful in their attempt to remove Twitter posts and hashtags that were critical of the government’s handling of the floods. The reported attempt by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)’s attempt of removing Twitter posts that were critical of the government's alleged mishandling of the floods situation, especially in most parts of the Klang Valley, Dengkil and Hulu Langat should be strongly condemned.

  • Date: 24/12/2021 05:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Attempts to suppress dissent and criticism of the government that are aimed at challenging or holding the State to account is grossly disproportionate to any legitimate aim of protecting public order or upholding our democracy.

Moving forward, MCMC should: 

  • Work together with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and social media companies to better understand and define online content removal and censorship, while taking into account the local context, existing community standards by social media companies and keeping in line with international human rights standards on FOE, gender equality, non-discrimination and diversity; 
  • Implement the Rabat Plan of Action on the prohibition of advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence, through a multistakeholder framework that promotes freedom of expression based on the principles of gender equality, non-discrimination and diversity;
  • Create an enabling environment that promotes critical thinking, healthy debates, transparency and accountability from the government as well as measures focused on building the people’s trust in the government - not further undermine the people’s human rights;
  •  End and refrain from the continued use of intimidating measures to threaten and silence those exercising their fundamental human rights and speaking on behalf of the public and those marginalised in these very trying times, and halt all ongoing investigations

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