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Interview| As the fourth estate of democracy, the media and journalists have the fundamental responsibility to hold the State, especially government officials, accountable for their actions. The expected action by MACC and the State would have been to investigate the allegations in the report and not the reporter. 对吹哨者发律师信 反贪一哥不保护反恐吓? | 八点最热报 07/01/2022 反贪污与朋党主义中心(C4)和大马独立新闻中心(CIJ)认为,反贪会作为一个最应该保护吹哨者,以鼓励知情人士提供情报的执法机构,现在反贪会一哥阿占巴基却做了最不良的示范提告吹哨者,这无疑形成一种威胁、恐吓的打压手段,会给民间制造一种白色恐怖的氛围。

  • Date:07/01/2022 08:00 PM
  • Location Online Event