What is a Media Council

A media council, or also known as press councils and the ombudsman, is an independent body that acts as a watchdog of the media. Its aims are to promote media freedom and ethical reporting. 

Functions of the Media Council

  •  To maintain the highest standards of ethical and responsible journalism;
  • To consider, investigate and mediate complaints in relation to the media, including complaints about the conduct of the print, broadcast and online media and the conduct of persons employed by the print, broadcast and online media in relation to the public;
  • To protect the independence of journalists and the media, and to take all action reasonably necessary to protect journalists, media organisations and the media in general from attacks against their independence;
  •  To establish a code of conduct for newspapers, news agencies, broadcasters, the online media and journalists in accordance with the highest professional standards of journalism, and to educate journalists and members of the public on this code of conduct
  • To facilitate the maintenance of high standards of journalism by newspapers, news agencies broadcasters and journalists, and to foster a due sense of both the rights and responsibilities of journalism;
  • To review and make recommendations on developments that will have an impact on the work of the media in disseminating information in the public interest;
  • To make representations concerning the freedom of the media to governments or any public authority, in public inquiries, as amicus curiae in any Court or other tribunal and to any other entity or forum;
  • To study, issue reports and make recommendations regarding any aspect of the media industry, including with regard to the ownership of media organisations or on any other matter which may affect the independence of the media;
  • To carry out other acts as may be incidental or conducive to the discharge of the above functions, and;

Development of the Malaysian Media Council (2018 - now) 

  1. 01/2020 - Pro Tem Committee set up by the then Minister of Media and Communications YB Gobind Singh
  2. 07/2020 - Draft MMC bill open for public review 
  3. 05/2021 - Pass the Memorandum of in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day to the then Media Minister - Saifuddin Abdullah
  4. 11/2021 - Engagement with the current Minister of Media and Communications YAB Annuar Musa to advocate for the establishment of the MMC

See Draft Media Council Bill here: